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Jun 04, 2022
In Beauty Forum
Microscope, microsurgery, Microsoft PowerPoint Latest Mailing Database How many great things have this ‘micro’ prefix and work wonders! If you’re looking for similar game-changing solutions that can revamp your employee training, there is microlearning. It can really Latest Mailing Database exemplify small steps towards larger goals. This article will help you know more about microlearning and consider the reasons for using it in your company. What Is Microlearning? Microlearning is an approach that implies using small units of targeted educational content for a specific outcome. This content may include illustrations, infographics, short video tutorials, interactive modules, mini-assessments, etc. In our fast-paced world, with plenty of complicated, Latest Mailing Database multistep processes in any industry, drip-feeding task-based knowledge, with no filler or fluff – right here and right now – can be more effective than extensive training. What Are Examples of Microlearning? The concept of microlearning only seems new. Actually, if you’ve ever tried to learn five Latest Mailing Database new terms in a new vocabulary daily, that counts as microlearning. On a corporate level, email newsletters for employees with one tip/idea per day and other types of ‘whisper courses’ are micro-learning as well. Nowadays, microlearning is commonly associated with, but not limited to, learning with mobile devices (mobile learning). Indeed, they reinforce each other. Mobile devices are not suitable for training on Latest Mailing Database fundamental matters or technical, requisite knowledge, but are perfect for consuming short bursts of helpful information. Plus, mobile learning matches up well with short online courses, 5-minute video tutorials, digital memos, etc. The Huge Value of Microlearning Let’s take a look at what Latest Mailing Database happens if you try the microlearning approach for training. When you put information in bite-sized, yet complete, stand-alone pieces of content, it becomes: More consumable Easier to comprehend Quicker to recall Better for long-term memory A better fit in one’s daily schedule No less importantly, microlearning is beneficial from an organizational perspective for a number of reasons.
Benefits of Microlearning You Need Latest Mailing Database content media
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