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Jos Binoye

Resolve Divorce Amicably with the Leading Orange County Divorce Mediation Attorney

People often think of lengthy court litigations when they think of divorce. That's why they associate it with emotional turmoil and bitterness. However, there's an alternative approach.

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution mechanism that involves a neutral third party who helps both parties agree voluntarily. This dispute resolution mechanism is often preferred by couples who want to end their marriage peacefully and affordably. The process is also confidential and the mediator isn't biased towards any party.

At Jos Family Law, our Orange County Divorce mediation attorneys are highly trained and skillful in mediation techniques. We facilitate communication and understanding between parties to achieve their individual goals. Our mediators are highly trained in employing problem-solving expertise to reach a settlement agreement that is favored by both parties

Benefits of Mediation over Litigation

Meditation offers several advantages over litigation, including:

· Quick Resolution

Mediation is a much faster way to resolve disputes than litigation.

· Lower Cost

Divorce medications cost far less than litigation due to the absence of attorneys.

· Confidential

The mediation process is carried out in complete confidence without any particulars going on public record.

· Amicable

Medications don't involve bitter disputes and are a non-contentious process to resolve differences.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today

Call 714-733-7066 or send an email to » to learn how our Orange County divorce mediation attorneys can help.


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