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In the meantime, Akai works relentlessly and eventually gives his team the bad news that the devil Power killed earlier is actually not dead and is getting bigger with each passing minute. When Aki, Denji, and Himeno finally confront him, the devil reveals that his heart is actually not on the 8th floor- meaning that they themselves cannot kill him. However, he offers to make a contract with the Devil Hunters. If they allow him to eat Denji, he proposes to let everyone else live.


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Reze took center stage here. We got to see her powers on full display as she proved to be one of the most formidable foes that Denji has faced thus far. I still loved how through it all, Denji still liked her despite Reze admitting that everything she did to flirt with Denji was all a lie for the sake of her mission of killing him. Denji really needs to get laid about a thousand times! 041b061a72

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