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App Lock 2019: Protect Your Apps with Fingerprint and Password APK

AppLock is a free, and useful application for individually locking apps on your Android smartphone. In order to ensure security, the app lets you set up a numeric password or a pattern lock. Within a short period of time, this application has become one of the most popular choices to lock apps.

With AppLock, you can lock system and third-party applications on your device. In other words, while you can lock WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you can also lock access to incoming calls, text messages, settings, and other functionalities. With AppLock, you can stop others from uninstalling or installing programs on your device.

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If you wish to add extra security to your device, AppLock download proves to be an excellent choice. With this app lock for Android, you can protect private, confidential, and sensitive data on your smartphone.

Vault also provides the ability to encrypt messages sent to Facebook through the private Facebook chat feature, which prevents your Facebook chat history from being saved. Further functionality includes the ability to lock apps behind your password, ensuring only you can access the app, and premium users can activate a camouflage App lock, which creates a fake crash if someone else tries to use the app.

Premium users of the app get a plethora of helpful functionality to complement the camouflage lock. This includes the ability to hide individual contacts, break-in alerts that inform you when someone tries to enter the app with the wrong password, and a hide vault icon mode which completely removes the app's icon off the screen.

What is the default remote lock command? My phone screen is broken and I want to lock my phone before giving it away to a technician; and I forgot the command. it is still default command in my phone,...

As the name implies, DU Antivirus - App Lock Free is a free app that provides protection from viruses and other malicious software to the end user. It's ad-supported, and beyond being an antivirus, protects the user's information from anyone who steals or uses their device by locking apps, photos and videos behind the user's password(s).

The gesture-based passwords that DU Antivirus - App Lock Free uses are virtually identical to the password a user can specify on their lock screen. However, DU Antivirus adds these passwords to individual apps. It can also encrypt the user's photos and videos to ensure that even if someone bypasses the locks on their apps, many individual pieces of data can still be protected. Finally, DU Antivirus - App Lock Free can be set to take a photo via the device's camera if an incorrect password is entered, making it easy to know if less-problematic users (like family members) are accessing apps they shouldn't be. It goes without saying that DU Antivirus is also an antivirus, of course. In some rudimentary testing it both found and eliminated many common Android viruses.

DU Antivirus - App Lock Free does what its name implies: it's an antivirus that locks apps. It fills both of those roles very, very well, and while it doesn't include a firewall, that doesn't change how it performs in its other security-related roles. It's a specialized piece of software, but not so specialized you won't find it useful. Whether stamping out a virus that found its way onto your device, or preventing nosy children or malicious thieves from using your phone, DU does what it's supposed to. Give it a try today!

LOCKit is a free utility application for mobile created by Super Tools Corporation. It is a privacy lock tool that will let users secure apps and media files inside a virtual password-protected vault for safekeeping. It prevents others from accessing and opening things they're not supposed to.

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HideX: Calculator Lock is a completely free smartphone privacy lock and app hider utility that hides behind a simple calculator identity. Secured with a password, you can create and enter an exclusive space and suppress certain things on your device. Including videos, photos, applications, etc.

Free App Lock - Privacy Knight provides the user with a number of privacy settings. As its name hints, the main purpose is to remove any visible applications from a homepage. However, it is also able lock other features such as a contacts list, social media icons and SMS messaging. Users can likewise choose which apps to block as opposed to being forced to hide them in bulk. Videos and pictures can be hidden within an entirely separate media 'vault' that will require a password to subsequently access.

Quickly and easily protect the applications that hold all your personal data on your mobile device by using Applock & Hide to lock anything on your phone with sensitive data. Get it free for your Android device.

Mobile devices these days go everywhere with you and as much data as is stored on them, sometimes we leave all our social media applications logged in. Protect yourself with Applock & Hide by locking these types of programs with a password. Feel free to leave your Facebook account logged, since Applock & Hide can password protect it and then hide the application from view. Simply enter the code to un-hide all your hidden and protected applications. Tools to manage your password and set defaults on how long your phone must remain idle for the lock to come into effect. Stop remembering passwords for multiple websites and services and just keep track of one password to unlock all your applications.

Security is an important thing to remember with phones and might be often overlooked. Use Applock & Hide to add another layer of protection for your phone. Having your phone's data compromised is serious and precautions need to be taken. Download it free from google play for your Android mobile device today!

So Excited to download? Well, click on below button to start Download IObit Applock: Face Lock & Fingerprint Lock 2019 v2.5.0 [Pro] APK. This is a single direct link of IObit Applock: Face Lock & Fingerprint Lock 2019 v2.5.0 [Pro].

There are many mobile apps out there that offer a range of useful services, but the data they store about you might contain information you don't want other people seeing, whether it be photos, fitness routines or even home security controls. Creating a lock code for your apps with this Norton product will ensure data such as this remains private.

Norton is a leading name in the world of digital security, with many households putting their trust in the brand's software products for mobiles, PCs and other devices. With this application lock, the level of security afforded to users is one Norton will be proud to place alongside their other tried and tested software products.

To use the Norton App Lock, all you need to do is add a pass code to any apps that you feel would be better off restricted. This could be for any number of reasons. Those who share a device with kids might want to prevent them from accessing certain games or videos, while others might want to protect their social media apps from being tampered with by friends. The lock is a 4-digit code that balances privacy with easy and efficient access.

Overall, there are many aspects of this Norton app that will appeal to users worried about their privacy. Rather than blocking a device entirely, it allows you the pick and choose what you want to restrict people from accessing, which is a particularly efficient way to protect your data.

The app has impressive engine that can detect the virus faster. This antivirus is one of the best securities systems in the world and it can make new data virus only 200 days. It will be better than the common antivirus. It can keep the real time and can block the malware attack in any corner. It will consume the battery almost 0 percent. In other words, this app is friendly for battery usage in the market. Furthermore, the AppLock in the app also will be useful because it can lock some apps including Facebook, WhatsApps, Message, and so forth.

Lock App - Smart App Locker is a free productivity application for mobile devices coming from developer Anuj Tenani. It is an app locker tool that helps users secure apps to prevent others from accessing them. They can do so by using various security protocols and biometric applications.

Similar to how App Lock Fingerprint - Hide Photos Videos Locker works, Lock App - Smart App Locker will work on both apps and games without issue. They can use passwords, PINs, or pattern locks to safeguard their applications. It even supports biometric authentication as one security option.

If you've used any kind of app locker before, then the Lock App - Smart App Locker will look and feel familiar to you. This quick and lightweight utility features a simple and intuitive tabbed user interface. It's completely free and ad-free, so you can use it while connected to the internet and you will not be bothered by any ads.

To get started, this app locker will be divided into two tabs named Locked Apps and All Apps. The former provides an overview of applications with locks and the latter is where you'll find a list of available apps you can configure. Select one and you have the choice of setting up a password, PIN, or pattern depending on what you like.


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