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Download Fate/Grand Order and Join the Epic Battle for Humanity's Future

The game is centered around turn-based combat where the player, who takes on the role of a "Master", summons and commands powerful familiars known as "Servants" to battle enemies. The story narrative is presented in a visual novel format, and each Servant has their own scenario which the player can explore. Servants are obtained through the gacha mechanic. As of July 2021[update], the game grossed $5.4 billion worldwide, making it the seventh highest-grossing mobile game of all time.

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Following the completion of the Sub-Singularities, Chaldea would find itself under new management under Goredolf Musik. It turned out that Goredolf was just a scapegoat in a hostile takeover by a mysterious organization, conspiring with an unknown entity known as the Foreign God, to destroy Chaldea and the current human history, reverting the planet back to the Age of Gods. Now on the run, Ritsuka, Mash and the surviving members of Chaldea survived aboard the autonomous vessel Shadow Border. In order to save humanity, the group now travels to different timelines called "Lostbelts"; alternate versions of history that differ drastically from the main human history and were "pruned away" from the primary timeline after having been deemed a dead end. The seven Lostbelts are each represented by a Crypter, former human Masters and their Servants, each of whom are in competition against one another as well as the Chaldean survivors for the ultimate fate of human history. For Ritsuka Fujimaru, they must make some grave decisions and sacrifices that either will make them a savior ... or a destroyer. After clearing all seven Lostbelts and learning the Foreign God herself was a pawn to the true mastermind, the members of Chaldea attempt to return to Chaldea's headquarters, where the mastermind resides, only to be blocked by a barrier. They are informed that due to using Servant Extra Classes, they have been rejected by the Human Order, so they must travel and endure an Ordeal Call to prove that their Extra Classes are connected to humanity so they can stop the mastermind and restore the Earth.

The game was first drafted by Kinoko Nasu under the working title "Fate Online Project Reboot",[9] which was meant to be a massively multiplayer online game using designs, drafts and concepts later collected in the Fate/complete material IV Extra material book. But the planned game was cancelled and shelved during planning stages. It later became a novel, Fate/Apocrypha, which integrated some concepts of the planned game. Later on in 2014, Aniplex proposed Nasu to revisit the cancelled game project, announcing a collaboration with the game studio Delightworks to rework the concept into a mobile RPG game.[10][11]

As of October 2018, the game is available in five languages across ten countries, having received a total of 32 million downloads worldwide, including over 4 million downloads for the English version, and 7 million in September 2019,[18][19][20] surpassing Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.[21]

The game is very popular in Japan, its first market, and reports indicate that the level is comparable to the success of Pokémon Go.[22] In Japan, the game had crossed 13 million downloads by May 2018,[23] and 14 million downloads as of August 2018.[24] FGO is also gaining traction in other parts of the world such as in the U.S. and Canada where it already surpassed 1 million downloads after its June 2017 Android release there.[25]

Fate/Grand Order grossed over $646 million during 2015 to 2016.[30] In 2017, the game grossed 89.6 billion ($816 million) in Japan between January and 3 October,[31] and 13.2 billion ($120 million) in China.[32] Worldwide, the game grossed $982 million in 2017, making it the year's sixth highest-grossing mobile game.[33] In 2018, it grossed at least 134.8 billion ($1,228 million), including 120.4 billion in Japan (where it was the year's second highest-grossing mobile game)[34] along with 14.4 billion overseas during the first half of the year.[35] It was the year's top mobile game in terms of worldwide consumer spending.[36] In China, its income accounted for the majority of its Chinese operator Bilibili's annual income in 2017.[37]

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Fate/Grand Order grossed $982 million in 2017, making it the year's sixth highest-grossing mobile game.[33] In 2018, Fate/Grand Order grossed $1.2 billion, making it the year's seventh highest-grossing free-to-play game.[40] In 2019, the game grossed $1.2 billion.[41] By 13 March 2019, the game had grossed more than $3 billion worldwide.[42] Total revenue crossed $4 billion by the end of 2019.[30] It was the world's top-grossing mobile game during the 2020 New Year period, ahead of fellow JRPG title Monster Strike.[43] As of July 2021[update], the game grossed $5.4 billion worldwide, making it the seventh highest-grossing mobile game of all time.[44]

A virtual reality game titled Fate/Grand Order VR feat. Mash Kyrielight was released for PlayStation VR, and allowed the player to interact with Mash.[82] A mobile rhythm game, titled Fate/Grand Order: Waltz in the Moonlight/Lostroom was released by Aniplex on 13 August 2020 as a limited download game for the franchise's 5th anniversary and was available for Japanese players only.[83] The game gained controversy when third-party app store Qooapp was forced to remove the game alongside other versions of Fate/Grand Order by Aniplex's request, due to the illegal download count of the limited app.[84] After the removal, Aniplex made the game available once again for a 24-hour period on 25 August 2020.[85]

Today, Aniplex USA announced that the free-to-play mobile game Fate/Grand Order has now reached five million downloads for the English version and will host a milestone celebration featuring log-in bonuses and gifts starting January 30. In addition to the news, the company will hold the Fate/Grand Order USA Tour 2019 this year beginning in Los Angeles, with more stops to be announced.

The English version of the hit mobile game, Fate/Grand Order has surpassed 5 million downloads since its release in June of 2017. Initially released in the U.S. and Canada, the global sensation has since expanded to be available in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Fate/Grand Order is currently available in over ten regions and five languages after overwhelming demand from fans across the globe.

Fate/Grand Order has hit 11 million downloads across iOS and Android platforms. The count in this scenario do not refer to actual player numbers but how many times the games has been downloaded which is still an significant feat.

Developer Delightworks' massive mobile RPG isn't just showing off with the giant number for 2019's most talked about game on Twitter, but is making it a cause for celebration. Players logging in will receive free items starting today. Players signing in on consecutive days will get greater prizes for the higher streak until the promotion ends on September 6. For a straight seven-day streak, players will get 10 Summon Tickets.

While Fate/Grand Order celebrates 11 million downloads on mobile devices, some fans are wondering if it will make the jump to other platforms. Last month, it was confirmed that Bleach: Brave Souls is coming to Steam after boasting 50 million downloads, dwarfing Fate/Grand Order's 11 million. Despite the stark difference in downloads, Fate/Grand Order continues to be a giant success for publisher Aniplex.

Fate/Grand Order's popularity is not just limited to the successful mobile game. A Fate/Grand Order film is releasing in December which will likely further fan interest in the franchise. Until then, the mobile game will be keeping players engaged with the ongoing Servant Summer Festival.

Fate/Grand Order (FGO) is a mobile role-playing game that takes place in a mystical world of the Fate series, where servants are collected to fight and protect humanity. The game's location setting and characters are based on the Fate series.

Fate Grand Order is a Japanese game that was initially released in Japanese before being translated into English and Korean. It is a mobile game initially released for Android users and, almost a month later, for iOS smartphones.

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A recent report into the mobile gaming market, also by Sensor Tower, discovered 82 per cent of the 29.6 billion new app downloads in Q3 2019 new installs are generated by just 1 per cent of app publishers. This means 99 per cent of games publishers share just 20 per cent of the market, with 6 billion downloads combined.

Tencent's Honor of Kings was the highest earning mobile game for the period, followed by Monster Strike and Fate/Grand Order. The highest earning mobile games stayed relatively static last quarter with only Pokémon Go having recently dropped off the top ten list, replaced by Tencent's QQ Speed.

Unsurprisingly, Tencent led as the publisher with the highest overall revenue, including games and all other categories. This is taking into account Facebook, which had four of the five most downloaded apps worldwide.

Games also remained the largest category on mobile. Game downloads on the App Store were up by 15.8 per cent from 2.07 billion in Q1 2017 to 2.4 billion in Q1 2018. The second-most popular category on iOS was photo and video which, despite seeing a 16.9 per cent increase year-on-year, came in with only 619 million total downloads.


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