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[S1E17] Lion 2: The Movie

The episode begins with the trailer for Dogcopter 3 in 3D, a movie about a dog who's a helicopter and a cop, and who fires missiles out of his butt. Connie and Steven are looking forward to seeing it, and show the Gems the trailer on Connie's phone. Amethyst teases the pair by turning into a duplicate of Dogcopter and tries to nick Steven and Connie's movie snacks (because Connie's parents don't allow her to eat food from the theater concessions). When Connie asks how they plan to get to the movie theater, Steven introduces her to his pet lion, Lion. Connie is amazed.

[S1E17] Lion 2: The Movie


Steven commands Lion to take them to the movies. Lion takes off running with Steven and Connie on his back, but once Steven mentions Lion is not trained, nor is Steven himself; Lion turns toward the ocean. Lion can walk and run on water. His roar also opens magical portals; and having done this, he leaps through, coming to a stop in a brightly lit cavern.

Steven and Connie look around curiously and the place turns out to be a "magical Gem place". It is full of weapons and souvenirs. Connie puts Steven's hand on a pillar to activate the place, but once he touches it, they can't get him loose! It also has voice-activated training equipment which responds to Steven's voice. The pair have fun playing with the voice and gesture commands until Steven remarks, "I wanna see lots of explosions!" in reference to getting to the movie. In response to the perceived command, a drone appears. Steven takes Lion's relaxed stance as indication the drone is nothing to worry about until the training drone begins firing at them and chasing them.

When Steven calls him to help, Lion opens another portal back to Earth, in front of the movie theater. They have a moment to catch their breath, and treat their injuries. Steven feels bad for getting them into the situation, protesting that he messes up all the time and doesn't know why Connie hangs out with him. Connie says she doesn't understand why Steven, who obviously has a magical destiny, hangs out with her; she's no Dogcopter. Steven is about to try to explain, but the training device followed them back, still firing. Steven asks Lion for help. Lion produces a sword from his forehead for Steven to use. With Connie's help (courtesy of her tennis lessons), the two of them deflect the fire back on the device and destroy it.

A female chimera appears in the episode Somepony to Watch Over Me. It is a fearsome creature with a saber-toothed tiger's front body and head, a goat's hindquarters and head on its left shoulder, and a snake for a tail. Apple Bloom encounters the monster in the Flame Geyser Swamp on her way to deliver apple pies to a faraway town for Applejack. The chimera attacks Apple Bloom with intent of eating her and the pies, but Applejack saves her and tames the monster with a snake-charming flute, a lion tamer's chair, and a hunk of ricotta cheese. The three heads address each other as sisters, and suggest a history of bickering with each other, claiming they can never agree on what to eat, and fighting over who should be in charge.

The three are returned to their normal human forms by the element of magic's power wielded by Twilight Sparkle and her friends. In My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, Sunset Shimmer describes her transformed self as "a raging she-demon." In the same film, Twilight refers to this form as "that horrifyingly awful winged monster." Sunset also refers to her corrupted form as "a powerful demon" in a recap of the first two Equestria Girls movies that aired before the initial showing of Friendship Games on Discovery Family Channel.

Griffons are creatures that have the body of a lion, and the front claws, head, and wings of an eagle. The first griffon featured in the show is Gilda, Rainbow Dash's friend, who first appears in Griffon the Brush Off. A male chef griffon named Gustave le Grand first appears in MMMystery on the Friendship Express. Other griffon mentions and appearances include Read It and Weep, The Crystal Empire - Part 1, Games Ponies Play, Rainbow Falls, Equestria Games, The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, The Fault in Our Cutie Marks, multiple other episodes, and various merchandise.

A couple of baby Hippogriffs play with the end credits of the movie. Several Hippogriffs also appear in the background in My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries Issue #5 and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #74.

A manticore named Manny Roar[8] poses an obstacle to the main characters in Friendship is Magic, part 2 after Nightmare Moon deliberately enrages him. Manny Roar has the body of a lion, a scorpion's tail, and a pair of dragon-like wings. Similar to Aesop's fable of The Lion and The Mouse, as well as the fable of Androcles and the Lion. Fluttershy calms him when she shows him kindness by removing a painful thorn from his paw. In Magical Mystery Cure, Manny Roar's paw appears in one of Fluttershy's flashbacks. In No Second Prances, Trixie incorporates a different manticore[9] with horns and smaller ears into her magic act. In a flashback in Celestial Advice, Princess Celestia gets worried that Twilight might meet a manticore if she sends her to Ponyville. In School Raze - Part 1, a manticore appears imprisoned in Tartarus. In Part 2, Twilight uses the natural magic inside the manticore so she and her friends can escape, temporarily separating the manticore into a lion and a scorpion.

In Persian mythology, the manticore is a creature with a red lion's body, a human-like face, a mouth with shark-like rows of sharp teeth, and a voice like a trumpet. Additional features such as a scorpion-like or spike-covered tail, bat-like wings, and the ability to launch poisonous spines at its enemies depend on the story. It is considered a man-eater, often leaving no remains, not even bones or clothing.

A different-looking sphinx appears in the episode Daring Done? in the legend of Somnambula. It is a giant, magical, four-legged creature with the head of a pony, the body of a lion, and the wings of an eagle. It has some level of magic, able to cast a spell that prevents Pegasus flight in her pyramid, and manifest a blindfold over Somnambula's eyes. In Somnambula's legend, the sphinx menaces a desert village and claims most of its crops for herself. When the son of the pharaoh stands up to the sphinx, she captures him and challenges the other villagers with a riddle for his release. Somnambula beats the sphinx's riddle challenge as well as her blindfolded bridge-walking challenge, and the sphinx flies off in a rage. She is a character called "Sphinx" in Gameloft's mobile game. The game's description of her states, "Hobbies include riddles, long walks inside her pyramid, and menacing Southern Equestria."

When everyone's favorite Nicktoon, SpongeBob SquarePants, started to have adventures beyond his own world after the events of his movie, he ends up becoming the best thing to happen as he soons becomes a great hero in the battle against a raising darkness and prevent the return of an ancient threat, and all the while becoming a guardian for a certain Kingdom Hearts character. 041b061a72


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