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The Paper Kites - Twelvefour (2015)

The Paper Kites - Twelvefour (2015)

The Paper Kites are an indie rock and folk band from Melbourne, Australia, formed in 2009. They have released four studio albums, two EPs, and several singles. Their second album, Twelvefour, was released on 28 August 2015 by Wonderlick Entertainment and Sony Music Australia.

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Concept and production

Twelvefour is considered to be a concept album, as it was written entirely between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m. The band's lead singer and songwriter, Sam Bentley, decided to limit himself to this time frame after reading a theory that claimed an artist was most creative during these hours. He said: "I got really interested in the idea of how the late night affects creativity how the body clock works, when your creative peaks are. I wanted to test if this theory had any impact on the outcome of the music".

The band travelled to Seattle to record the album with American producer Phil Ek, who had worked with artists such as Fleet Foxes, The Shins, and Band of Horses. They spent six weeks in March and April 2015 at Ek's studios, Avast! Recording Company and Hall of Justice. The band chose Ek to create a more upbeat sound compared to their previous releases, incorporating electric guitars and synthesizers into their music. Bentley said: "We wanted to make something that sounded different from what we had been doing we weren't interested in making a folk record. We wanted Phil because he has made some of our favourite records and we thought he could help us bring out a different side to our music".

Songs and singles

The album consists of ten songs, with a total length of 43 minutes and 30 seconds. The songs explore themes such as love, loss, confusion, nostalgia, and self-doubt. Bentley said: "The songs are all stories some are about me; some are about people I know; some are just made up. But they're all connected by this idea of being awake late at night when everyone else is asleep".

The album's lead single, "Electric Indigo", was released on 19 June 2015. It is an upbeat song with catchy guitar riffs and synth hooks. The song's video, directed by Matthew J Cox, was released on 13 July 2015. It features the band performing in a neon-lit warehouse, interspersed with scenes of a young couple's relationship.

The second single, "Revelator Eyes", followed in September 2015. It is a mid-tempo song with a melodic chorus and harmonies. The song's video, directed by Dan Huiting, was released on 20 September 2015. It features the band performing in various locations around Seattle, such as a rooftop, a park, and a diner.

The third single, "Renegade", was released in April 2016. It is a rock song with a driving beat and distorted guitars. The song's video, directed by Matthew J Cox, was released on 18 April 2016. It features the band performing in a dark forest, surrounded by masked dancers and fire performers.

The fourth single, "Too Late", was released in December 2016. It is a ballad with piano and strings. The song's video, directed by Matthew J Cox, was released on 12 December 2016. It features the band performing in an empty theatre, while a dancer performs on stage.

Reception and tour

Twelvefour received generally positive reviews from critics. It debuted at number 8 on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart on 5 September 2015. It also charted in New Zealand and Canada. The album was praised for its production quality, musical diversity, and emotional depth.

The band embarked on a tour of Australia from 16 October to 8 November 2015 in support of the album. They then toured the United States and Canada across November and December 2015, and Europe in January and February 2016. They performed songs from the album as well as from their previous releases. A film directed by Cox depicting the process of making the album was announced for release later in 2015, but has yet to surface.

Twelvefour is a captivating album that showcases the band's growth and experimentation. It is a testament to their creativity and dedication, as well as their ability to craft engaging and memorable songs.


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